Status vs Faith

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Greetings Friend,

This week’s Bible verses: Mark 10:32-52 (CSB)

Discussion: “Seeking Status vs Having Faith”

  • Jesus predicts his death (for the 3rd time).

This is weird because the Jews are looking for a mighty leader to overthrow the Romans and make them a mighty (physical) nation. Jesus came to conquer sin and death (spiritual) instead. The difference of intent of spiritual instead of physical is why so many people missed identifying him as the messiah they had been looking so closely for for centuries.

“Count the cost. Be faithful. Being Christian isn’t picking and choosing the rules you want to follow… Its all or nothing.” - Pastor Matt Frey You either know and follow Jesus, or you’ve missed it all.

“If you want Jesus, you can have him! Its the wanting him that is hard.”

Status says “Me First.” Jesus Says “Serve First”

(Q:) “What does it mean to serve first / to deny yourself?”

“In a way, I have looked at my wheelchair as my cross to bear, but is it? What exactly is the cross I am to take up daily? What about you? Is your cross your arthritis, a dead end job? Is your cross to bear an unhappy marriage, or recurring headaches? Are these the things the Lord had in mind when He told us to take up our cross daily and follow Him?

Friend, your cross to bear is not your boring job, aching back, or irksome mother-in-law. Your cross to bear is your daily putting to death your attitude about your boring job, exasperating mother-in-law and aching muscles, and this means you can “rejoice in your suffering.” “ – Joni Eareckson Tada [blog]

“Your cross is your attitude about your dead-end job and your in-laws. It is your attitude about your aches and pains. Any complaints, any grumblings, any disputings or murmurings, any anxieties, any worries, any resentments or anything that hints of a raging torrent of bitterness–these are the things God calls me to die to daily.” ― Joni Eareckson Tada, Hope…the Best of Things [Book]

(Q:) “What do you want me to do for you?” - Jesus

(Jesus says this question multiple times with different reactions from the audience in these passages.)

  • James and John want status with Jesus… Jesus says that the positions at his left and right are not His (Jesus’s) to give but are only assigned by the Father (God).
  • Bartimaeus (a blind beggar) asks (yelling) for mercy and healing from Jesus and is granted sight.

(Q:) How do you handle/accept persecution?

(Q:) How is being a Christ-Follower becoming offensive in popular-culture and politics?

(Q:) What does it mean to stand firm in your faith?

(Q:) What does the Bible say about these things?

(Q:) What are specific things you can do to keep gratitude for your salvation as a part of your Christian walk?

“I think of it as an opportunity… lifestyle, politics, religion with coworkers… it is great because it gives me an opportunity to be an example of being a believer who cares and who cares about justice and cares about you being a person.” “It is hard because, then, I do have to be the hands and feet of Jesus.” - Suzi

“As Christians, we have to be genuine.” - Nik

“Sometimes it can be hard for me to find gratitude since I didn’t grow up outside the church, so it was just normal to be Christian… so, instead, I am thankful that God allowed me to grow up in the Church from the day I was born.” - Ashley

“Don’t just knock it just ‘cause its not what you’re used to.” (sharing Christian Rock music with friends) - Carl

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