Season Of Queso

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Season Of Queso

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Con Queso :

I got a couple emails from a friend of mine, Jon Acuff, and they really hit home. You see, we both love queso and both work for ourselves.

One of the things he wrote about were 3 Secrets to a Healthy Work-Life Balance. read the full article here

I was asked earlier this week by some other friends what things going on with my family they could pray for. My top 2 responses were health and finances.

I’m looking to grow in those areas… healthier health and being able to give, save, and invest more. The seasons are changing and I am transitioning along with them. :)

I get asked quite a bit about freelance vs corporate work and why I do what I do when I do it. I simply say it is the season I’m in and it made sense at the time. Next February (2019) marks 3 years since I left my 9-5 and since then we’ve moved / bought a house and are now raising not one but two kids!

  • We didn’t know what it would look like for our schedules and raising little ones?
  • We didn’t know if either one of us would want to be full-time stay-at-home and watch the kids all day every day?
  • We didn’t know if Suzi would want to do something different after 10 years at the same place? (spoiler: she still absolutely loves it)

  • We have answers to these questions and can make quality and intentional decisions on what “Next” looks like for us as we “Grow” our family. (Eli will be turning 2 next week!)

I couldn’t have said it better as Jon puts it:

“…perfect balance is a myth… life has seasons…” (paraphrase)

Now the seasons are changing and we are looking at what the next season looks like. This month is especially busy with appointments, meetings, sick kids, kid’s birthday parties, rehearsals, holidays, band performances, and more! This season of busy can get me down/exhausted sometimes but I am thankful to be a part of it all. I am looking ahead/forward to a season of routine and intentionally spending time being less-flexible so we can have more meaningful time together (as Jon put it).

I received another email this morning from Jon that I think ties it all together. He broke a tooth recently and had to decide to stop running while training for a marathon for a couple days because he grinds his jaw when focusing during his runs.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I don’t know what your health goal is, but I know it won’t be perfect. Life is going to throw some challenges at you. When it does, don’t give up. More than that, don’t beat yourself up. If you have a broken tooth or a kid with the flu or an all-day meeting that squeezes your calendar to death, don’t worry about it. You can run tomorrow. Or the day after or even the week after. Running with a broken tooth isn’t noble, it’s dumb and maybe even destructive.”

If you have a specific event or day you want to get together, lets get it on our calendars and make it happen! :D

Are you in a tough season right now? If so, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, focus on the solution. Lets crush our goals and encourage one another! How can I help you reach your goal?

Are you looking for more meaningful connections and relationships? If so, lets be intentional and get some 1-on-1 meetings scheduled and on the calendar! Don’t let life just happen… lets happen to life!

Till next time,
Jim Howk

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