Top Books of 2018

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Top Books of 2018

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Primer :

I started reading a bunch in summer 2018 when I was challenged to seek what was next in life. see “Season of Queso”

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informational filler stuffs

The List :

  • informations
  • listy thingies
  • more listy thingies
  • more wow
  • more pizzazz

I couldn’t have said it better :

Now the seasons are changing and we are looking at what the next season looks like.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I don’t know what your health goal is, but I know it won’t be perfect. Life is going to throw some challenges at you. When it does, don’t give up. More than that, don’t beat yourself up. If you have a broken tooth or a kid with the flu or an all-day meeting that squeezes your calendar to death, don’t worry about it. You can run tomorrow. Or the day after or even the week after. Running with a broken tooth isn’t noble, it’s dumb and maybe even destructive.”

Lets crush our goals and encourage one another! How can I help you reach your goal?

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Bonus :

This year started out with a big jump-start! By lunch time on January 1, 2019 I had started AND finished The Dip - by Seth Godin It came packed with some powerful motivation for the year and it will likely land itself on this year’s top 10 must-reads list.

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